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The first thing to say is "hello" and to thank you for visiting my website. I started my cake business in 2018 and am still loving every moment! To have the response that I have had and be able to share my journey with everyone is just the cherry on top of the cake - pun intended. 

This all started when my son, Archie, wanted to make a birthday cake for Daddy. We made a simple vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and covered it completely in rainbow sprinkles. Archie loved his first baking experience with me, I loved baking with him, and everybody at the party loved eating the cake - and were especially surprised to see rainbow coloured sponge inside too. So that was the start of this crazy journey to my own business, a simple birthday cake present made by mother and son. I went on to make a minion cake for my dad, then a floral cake for my mum, and before I knew it, I had friends and family asking me to make cakes, and being recommended to their friends. From there everything just boomed!


Next came the day when I decided to turn this hobby that I loved into my very own business; Cakez. In September 2018 my business took off. That was the month that I registered my business, achieved a Health and Safety Level 2 in Food Hygiene, and received my 5* hygiene rating. It became official and in that month I opened my kitchen doors to the public - you gorgeous bunch!


I've had so many orders for all sorts of wonderful cakes and loved every moment of creating them. Most importantly, I've realised how personal making cakes is, how it's not only a cake or even a tasty treat for your celebration, but these cake creations add a memory to your special day, whether its a valentines treat, a birthday surprise, or an event as important as your wedding - I've realised that making cakes is not only my passion, but sharing those cakes with my customers helps them to enjoy their day for many years after too. 

After years of experience, I have now found my niche. I specialize in making stand-out cakes with a difference. Whether your cake is for your wedding day, an important celebration, a big number birthday, or a personal treat - if you want that "wow" factor, a querky cake, a bespoke cake with a difference, then Cakez is where you need to be.

All of my cakes are made fresh to order and are fully personalised and designed for you.

I started by saying "thank you" for visiting my website. Now I would like to say "thank you" for joining me on my cake creating journey! Please feel free to explore the rest of my website, check out my Instagram and Facebook feeds, and sign up to my mailing list for any future offers or competitions that may take place. 

May you see rainbow colours every day,

Gemma at Cakez

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